It’s all so strangely connected

No harm done, they said. She was probably just a pencil-pusher with a desk job, they said. What’s the big deal, anyway, they said. That was then. Apparently, this also was then:
Reports: Plame Was Monitoring Iran Nukes When Outed

So who’s going to be held responsible for Iran’s new-clear program entering the Fact-Free Zone? Hmm, lemme guess…. In the Accountability-Free Zone of our fearless leaders, the only people who get shot at are the messengers.

Or maybe we’ll eventually learn that Valerie was finding out, and reporting to her superiors, that Iran was actually, as they now insist, wanting to enrich uranium for alternative power, not for weapons. Of course, with the damage to our intelligence capabilites diminished following her outing, we have lost access to sources that could have confirmed or refuted that. What to do when you don’t know and now can’t find out? Better safe than sorry, eh? Two birds with one stone…

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