I’m not good at asking for money. However,  if you linked here from reading about a project I am involved in, I do promise to use your gift appropriately for that purpose. Just put a note with your donation.

John Wesley said, “whenever I get money, I give it away as soon as I can, lest it find its way into my heart.” I can’t claim his level of saintliness, but I do get many requests for assistance from people in need, both locally and internationally. I do what I can and more, but it is never enough. Some of the requests are for food, or transportation. Some come from schools and orphanages overseas. You can help meet some of these needs by including a note specifying your preference.

I expect to travel to visit some of the people and places where the needs have been made known to me. I made one such trip, in 2016, and would like to return to Africa, and perhaps visit some other places to which I have been invited. I don’t want to go empty handed, nor do I want to neglect the bills at home, while gone.

In any case: if for any reason you want to support me or my family; if you like something I have written and you want to show some appreciation; if you borrowed something from me once upon a time and are now inclined to pay it back; or if I have sent you or promised you something of value and you want to pay for it; or indeed if you have any other reason to do so, then you may donate to me by clicking this link: and following the prompts.

Please be advised that at this time this provides you no particular tax advantage that I know of.  Except in the case of  specific designated projects, anything you send will be used at my discretion.   It may help me in my ministry by contributing to the cost of travel or other expenses; or it may make it possible for me to help someone with a personal need; or could help with my own family’s bills, or it might possibly buy me ice cream. Thank you for your support!