Christian Truisms

A Litany

I am deeply connected with all of humanity,
and with every person in particular.

So long as anyone remains unloved,
I am lonely.
So long as anyone remains hungry,
I am not satisfied.
So long as anyone remains in need,
I am poor.
So long as anyone remains imprisoned,
I am not free.
So long as anyone remains in danger,
I am not safe.
So long as anyone suffers from illness,
I am not well.

But when my heart aches for the unloved,
Christ is with me.
And whoever spends themselves on behalf of the hungry,
Christ is with them.
And for those who dare to see the needs of others,
Christ is their light.
And for the prisoner,
Christ is the open door.
And for the fearless warrior for peace,
Christ is the shield.
And to those who attend to the wounds and sickness of this world,
Christ, the Great Physician,
lends his skill, his care and compassion.

Bob Buehler, December 8, 2006.


I draw my strength from friends both near

I draw my strength from friends both near and far.

the distance of a room, a town, a world, who can tell?

there is in me the rising of a star

for every love I’ve known, who makes me well

(This fragment existed as an unpublished draft from the time I wrote it in 2013 until finally released into the wild, as it were, in July 2018. Such is the writer’s life, sometimes.)