Moving, sort of

To all my readers:  I have recently merged two blogs:  one which has for some years been my main outlet on a wide range of topics, and the other, with my name on it, which started out life as part of a local political campaign.  Some posts may therefore now appear here twice.  To add to the confusion, I am thinking of adding on additional imports, starting with (now added), because most of what is there is my own stuff as well. That will still leave the poetry blog at Fearful Symmetry and a few others hanging out there.  Just trying to make my online life a bit less scattered.

The purpose of this in part is to continue my own search for integrity by lifting the veil of anonymity that is so easy for a blogger to hide behind, and put all my major thoughts, including possibly controversial ones, under my own name.  That’s where I’ll do the updates, although knowing me I won’t abandon The Search For Integrity altogether.  I like the interface very well, but the developers at have kept up their end and it is almost as seamless by now (and tends to give me the comfort of owning my own blogspace).


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