14 thoughts on “Twisted Scripture

  1. As I recall, that was the take provided by Hal Lindsay in his 1970s-era book The Late Great Planet Earth. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that more recent “prophecy experts” have since come up with revised and updated versions.

    I would only note that only in the United States, and only in the last 50-75 years or so, has premillenial dispensationalism, which uses jargon like “rapture” and “the tribulation” with all of the associated technical meanings of these terms, been the prevailing view among large segments of Protestant Evangelicals.

  2. therevr: Do you believe in the rapture. I am pentacostal and have recently heard a lot of new information about the rapture that I believe is true, but I dont want to misquote what I have heard until I can write down the evidence I have heard to back it up with.

  3. Jake: I believe in the Second Coming, but am not a premillenial dispensationalist. Over time I have had opportunity to be closely involved with a lot of people with a lot of different opinions, and my conclusion is that any teaching which does not immediately move us to be a healing presence in the world in the present day, in the sense that “as He is, so are we in this world,” is a distraction. Christians are called to “the fellowship of His sufferings” as Paul puts it, that is, to follow the real historical Christ in taking up the cross, i.e., sharing in the sufferings of others, not to rejoice in a secret hope that others will one day suffer while we will escape. My opinion is that teachings which drive people to be motivated by fear, in particular, are not of God.

  4. I used to fear when I was thinking of the Apocalypse – the time when nothing else could be done, everything would be lost and no mistakes would be reversed. But once I’ve realized that there is no anything worst in the world that human beings have been already experienced. When I think about the genocide in Rwanda (1994), Holocaust during World War II, Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombing, or even today’s world cruelty, I cannot imagine what those people had experienced, and I suppose that for them it was The End Of The World. What else can be worst for a mother than watching how her own children are murdered? Or is there worst feeling than helplessness in others misery and suffering? Some of us focus about the future about which even the angels in the have don’t know when it comes, simultaneously omit the real problems of this World. Trying to find the evil in others is a waste of time – instead, look for good in yourself. I believe the beast won’t come as long as the goodness and kindness will be alive in people’s hearts.
    And for those who read the book of Revelation so fervently: I hope you read the other parts of Bible too, and one day you will find out that your that real purpose of your life is not to fear (or die in) Apocalypse.

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