Quote for the day

“I plant my acorns knowing that I will never live to harvest the oaks.” — Danny Hillis


3 thoughts on “Quote for the day

  1. The quote comes in context of this story:

    “I think of the oak beams in the ceiling of College Hall at New College, Oxford. Last century, when the beams needed replacing, carpenters used oak trees that had been planted in 1386 when the dining hall was first built. The 14th-century builder had planted the trees in anticipation of the time, hundreds of years in the future, when the beams would need replacing.”

    I vote for neither cynical nor irresponsible.

  2. What’s so ironic is that after leaving this website I went to my friend Coyote’s place and he, too, had a QOTD posted:

    “I’m not misty-eyed about this. I honestly expect that the crackwhore SUV demographic will get its way, and that if it turned out that you could fill up a truck on babies’ blood, people would gladly sign on. But it won’t stop the desert from sweeping in to reclaim Vegas.”

    And I found the moral of both quotes oddly similar.

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