A political observation

I confess that the following political observation may be colored by the fact that I made a decision back in 2003 that I would never support a candidate who voted in favor of sending our young people into a contrived war. That means that, whatever I may or may not think of Barack Obama, if the contest this November were to be between Hillary Clinton and John McCain, I would be morally obliged to stay home. That said:

It seems to me that it has become increasingly clear in this primary season that Senator Clinton, for all of her favorable qualities (and there are many) appears to share with George W. Bush one deadly character flaw, a flaw that tends to be trumpeted by its possessors as a virtue: the inability or stubborn unwillingness to allow such an inconvenient thing as facts to interfere with her own oversized sense of willpower. Such stubbornness on GWB’s part has led us into an untenable situation in the Middle East; on HRC’s part, it looks likely to bring her party into an untenable situation in November.

It is to the everlasting credit of Al Gore, by the way, that he proved himself not to share that same character flaw when the Supreme Court made its ruling in 2000.  Maybe HRC will prove me wrong by some classy action in the next few days.  I’m holding my breath.

I will go hide now.


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