Good for nothing « Tinsel Wing

Almost missed this tidbit from a neighboring blog.

Good for nothing « Tinsel Wing
Never put a conservative in office. It ought to be one of those no-brainer bromides that everyone learns at her mother’s knee. Right up there with “Never eat anything bigger than your head” or “Never start a land war in Asia.”

Before you all start shouting, go read the rest of the piece. It’s short. And I’ll even give away the punch line:

It’s not that conservatives are more evil than liberals, or more naturally corrupt. It’s that their philosophy creates a vacuum of motive the moment they begin to govern. And evil and corruption, dwelling nascently as they do in every human being, stand ever ready to rush into that vacuum.

Let’s put that into a form suitable for lessons at mother’s knee. Those who believe that government is good for nothing will use government for nothing good.

Of course, some of our most prominent conservatives of recent days don’t believe  that evil and corruption dwell nascently in every human being. They are insulted and offended at any suggestion that they or their associates can be identified with anything evil, and equally offended at any suggestion that those whom they call evil could have any teeny potential for what could be called good. In other words, our political world has been largely run in recent years by people who, seemingly, learned their sense of morality from comic books.


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