Auld Lang Syne and Brighter Days

We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet
For auld lang syne!

 Indeed, as a new year passes into view and the old one into history, we remember, yes, remember the days we have lived through.  We remember the sweetness, the sorrow, the hope, the disappointment, the people we loved, the ones we lost, the unique moments which seemed so commonplace, so briefly.  We’re a bit older, and we hope a bit wiser for all that.  We’ll look with fond affection, but not too much regret, on the passing year.

 It was a year in which more good people, some near and dear, some all too young, were taken from our midst.  The bittersweet awareness of their memories lingers.  I’m thinking the sweet will outlast the bitter, when the final tale is told.

It was a year of failed leadership and missed opportunities in the political struggles of the United States, Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, to name a few.

It was a year of promises made and renewed…. new life begun…. hope rekindled in quiet ways and quiet places.

It was a year of hunger and poverty, and opulent wealth.

In short, it was a slice of our life, and as we turn from yesterday to tomorrow, there is  an opportunity, oh so brief, to make the best of what is ahead of us.  Life continues, good surprises await, even in the midst of tomorrow’s tragedies.

To all my friends and whoever else may read this, I say:  May the new year bring you abundance of goodness beyond your expectation, relief from toil, and hope for a new generation.


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