The Medium Massages the Message

I keep playing with themes.  Here I’ve switched again, for at least a little while, to one called…. what was it again? …. Oh yes:  ChaosTheory.

It’s kind of dark, like my mood gets sometimes…. simple, like I keep wishing life would be…. and surprisingly straightforward and clear, like the truth is at the best of moments.

[Edit:  seems I couldn’t stay with dark for long… besides which, I found the bottom-dwellng sidebars inconvenient. So now am back on to something lighter, appropriately called Connections. Freshy, MistyLook, The Journalist, um, Spring Loaded, which I was using before last week is new.  The dark theme reflected perhaps my sense of disconnect, which is regularly overtaken in real life by divine grace.]

Edit, 5/1/09]  Yes, I think I missed a couple of changes.  What’s life without changes, anyway?


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