Time flies by without new posts, so here’s one just so both my fans will know I’m still here. 

Not sure what to do about the accelerating pace of modern life; in thought experiments about relativity, Einstein tells us that subjective time slows dramatically the faster we go, so that when we accelerate to close to the speed of light and approach the event horizon it seems more  and more like everything  else is slowing down.  

I don’t know about that.  

I do know that I spent the first 35 years or so of this planetary existence more or less waiting for my life to begin, and subsequently have somehow shifted gears into a mode of not wanting it to end.  I enjoy my life, my work, my friends, the challenges and frustrations of the days.  It is a matter of the utmost fascination to be alive in a generation that has seen such changes in the way ordinary people live.    And there is the thought, the urge, somehow embedded deep in one’s awareness, that it would be extraordinarily good to make some kind of difference, have some positive impact, before fading away into nothingness.

Or, alternatively, to be content.

One of the many unfinished projects that clamors for my attention is a book, now in development, that will address the art of listening.  One section will have to include a series of observations concerning one essential fact:  listening is a discipline.  It only happens intentionally.  And to be  prepared to write that section, I’ll have to talk about my own lack of discipline, and the difficulty of bringing intent to bear on the task of paying attention in any given situation.

Especially when life is busy, and many things clamor for attention, to get anywhere with something in particular, we need to learn to intentionally focus on the task at hand,turn off the internal dialogue, suspend the habit of immediate reaction, and listen.  This takes time, and discipline, and focus.  It is a spiritual undertaking.  

So, the word of wisdom for today:  If you don’t have time for anything, you need to take time for nothing, so you can make something out of your time.  

Be still.  Pay attention to what is at hand.  There is a miracle in it, right now. 



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