A brief Sabbath

It’s Saturday.  A sentient being whose existence is intertwined with mine by, among other things, a certain amount of shared DNA, insists that I go with him to the Renaissance Faire.  Like (but not too like)  Sauron at the moment of the destruction of the Ring, my mind will shake free from all other concerns.  

 God, of course, will be present at the Faire, as God is present in all things in particular.  But if I know Him, He’ll consider the context and have the good sense to wear a proper disguise.   



2 thoughts on “A brief Sabbath

  1. Excellent! What faire will you be attending. Here in Maryland our festival will last another month. I myself moonlight as a serf (not at the festival but another medievel venue that shall go unnamed at this time, to protect the innocent.)

  2. It was the Maryland Rennfest that we attended on Saturday. Got a little bit of a late start, in the gate by half past eleven and walked around for a good five hours wearing our handcrafted full-length woolen cloaks….. decided we were deficient in headgear (though I saw a lot of those 94 cent pirate do-rags from Wal-mart like the one I was wearing, bought right after the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out) , so we visited a leather shop and for rather too much money bought a couple of cavalier hats complete with ostrich- and peacock-feather plumes. Later the offspring-person narrowly escaped the high-priced saleswise charms of a retail wench who helped him try on a pair of thigh-high cavalier boots. Actually the price wasn’t so bad for such an item, but there are limits on the pure entertainment budget. I’m betting he’ll get the boots next year.

    This is only the second time we’ve attended the faire since coming to Maryland in 1996, what with limited budgets and limited times, but it is a deal of fun. I can’t afford, in time or money, more than one day of such fun this year, however.

    We enjoyed the live jousting show (though saw no one unhorsed this time, alas!) and the many attractions. I humiliated myself with blowdarts (hit, but did not succeed in knocking over the target) and partly redeemed my reputation with knife-throwing.

    What’s such great fun about these things is the number of people who come in costume and stay in character. Basically all there is to do is walk around, look at things, maybe talk to people and spend money, including for the obligatory turkey leg and the necessary bits of liquid to help us cope with the bloody hot costumes. A good time was had by, at least, both of us. We re-entered the contemporary world well ahead of closing time, and ultimately decided against topping off the day by popping into a cinema for a random movie.

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