Out of the mouths of babes….

The following was shared by a mother on an e-mail list. No comment needed, really.

Tonight I slowed down a little when my nearly 4 year old was saying her prayers and thought I would share this. It made me think.We have a tradition that every night since she was old enough to talk when I tuck her into bed we say our prayers. I let her do the talking. It’s ranged from very funny to very interesting over the years. She usually says, “Dear God, Thank you for…. ” and then she proceeds to be thankfulfor ladybugs, but not snakes, and baby brother but not Camille at school and so on. Sometimes when she really doesn’t want to go to bed yet she starts naming fixtures – Thank you for the lights, the fan, my dresser, my bed, my sheets and so on. I usually let her ramble on for a bit, and then she goes to sleep. Tonight she said, “Dear God, thank you for America.” This wasdifferent for her, I’m fairly sure she doesn’t know what “America” is. Then in the next breath she said, and “Thank you for Iraq.” OK, again, I’m assuming my CNN running is what brought that up. Then she followed it up with “Thank you for our neighbors.” “Please let our neighbors be nice to us, and we should be nice to them, too” I asked her, who is our neighbor? And she started naming people in our neighborhood. And then she said, “And Iraq.”

I’m wondering when the rest of the world’s Christians will catch on.


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