Yawn factor? Or sleepy weekend

Wow, traffic here has slowed down to zero.  I suppose the memething on what theological pigeonhole I come to roost in must have generated a backflow in the tubes.  This post is here just to see if we can unplug the blockage.

Or maybe all my friends took the Memorial Day holiday away from the computer, then went back to work and just got busy.  Whew. I will admit that I collected much of the family on Monday afternoon and went to the movies.

In other news, I figured out what category of movie the Pirates of the Caribbean series belongs to, and why I find them so enjoyable.  They are live-action comic books.

Aside: there is something eminently satisfying to see Johnny Depp playing  a swashbuckling antihero who can’t seem to get to first base with the women.  Now there is a consummate actor!


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