Was The Devil Ever In Heaven?

Was The Devil Ever In Heaven?

Just a peek at a conservative biblical teaching which debunks certain key parts of the wildly popular speculative religious mythology which has overtaken much of what calls itself Christianity in America today. While I can’t endorse all the interpretive details set forth, there should at least be some challenge to the presumption that only the (erroneously) so-called literalists associated with the profitable “Left Behind” books have anything to say on these matters. An intriguing quote from C. E. Orr concludes this particular piece:

“Sin is a principle. Righteousness is a principle. We hold that no holy being could create or generate a sin principle any more than an unholy being could create a righteous principle. For holy angels to sin, a sin principle must have existed and they received it in their nature by faith or in some manner. The devil and angels did not create sin, for God created all that has been created. God did not create sin. He did not create goodness. Goodness is an uncreated and eternal principle. We hold that sin is an uncreated and eternal principle. If it be a created principle, then God created it, for He alone is Creator. A holy being could not create sin and retain his holiness; therefore God did not create sin. Devils could not create it; therefore sin is uncreated. God saw that His creation was good, but we do not understand that sin was His creation.

“Jesus taught His disciples to say when praying, ‘Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.’ Now, if angels in heaven sinned, then God’s will was not done in heaven and Christ’s words would not mean much to us. If holy angels in heaven sinned one time, how can we know that they have not sinned many times? Why could they not sin some future time, and if they can sin, why could not we after we got to heaven? To our mind the only logical conclusion is that sin never entered heaven and never will. No holy being in heaven ever sinned or ever will. Why would God redeem sinning man at such a great cost, and not redeem sinning angels?”

This idea of sin as an uncreated principle reminds me ever so slightly of some of the more obscure teachings of Jacob Boehme.


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