The unfairness of life.

Found this neat meditation perusing old journals. Worth repeating.

Life is consistently and quite unfairly treating me well.

The moral problem that I have with this deals with the obvious fact that many people lack the comforts and enjoyments that I find ready to hand. I can think, quickly, of several ways to respond to this.

Some of them would involve me making judgments about whether I deserve to have it this good, or, concomitantly, someone else deserves not to.

I’m not going there, so we move on:  another voice in my head would require me to somehow be morally obligated to not actually enjoy my life, as a duty paid toward those who can’t enjoy theirs. That way lies madness; carried to its logical extreme, I could not wish a good fortune such as mine on anyone else in that case, because I would then be wishing on them also the same moral obligation not to enjoy it.

Next to last in this list of mine is the widely observed practice of sort of ignoring the fact that there are those who do not share my good health and/or reasonable prosperity; this won’t do at all, because it requires going through life with my eyes shut.

So finally, I choose what remains, a rather mystical approach: while enjoying every moment of good that comes to me, I do so in full awareness that others, many others, for reasons that may or may not have much to do with their own behavior, are having rather less fun at the moment; and I choose to remain alert to opportunities whereby I may be able, in some small way, to help alleviate such a condition for someone.


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