brief test post, and an irony

This is a test post in which I’m trying out an add-on in Firefox that should let me post to multiple blogs simultaneously.  Watch this space (or on of my other spaces).  While I’m here, let me briefly mention a highly ironic entry at

A Wrinkle In Time. Madeleine L’Engle. Dell. Challenged
at the Polk City, Fla. Elementary School (1985) by a
parent who believed that the story promotes witchcraft,
crystal balls, and demons. Challenged in the Anniston
Ala. schools (1990). The complainant objected to the
book’s listing the name of Jesus Christ together with
the names of great artists, philosophers, scientists,
and religious leaders when referring to those who defend
earth against evil. Got it. Let’s cross Jesus off that
list, shall we?

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