Watch this space

The following links are provided as a service to any & all political junkies out there. This site now compiles the results of all the latest election information:

Click for


Click for

 Edit:  The linked graphics change dynamically as the results are changed on the site.  As of the date of this edit (November 13), the results for the 2006 mid-term elections are:  Senate 51D/49R (although it’s actually 49/49 with two Independents both supporting the D’s) and the House results are Dem 230, GOP 197, Ties 8.   As the uber-close House races get resolved between now and the end of December, we’ll see those ties tick into one column or the other.  I think the experts still predict it to come out as 234D/201R, but we’ll see.  When all that is old news, I will probably delete this post and do a similar link for the 2008 election.


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