How strange does it get?

In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, it seems one middle school administrator was not brave enough to let his teacher teach freely.  Browsing neighbor blogs, I ran across these from Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub:

Flagging Enthusiasm In Colorado tells a strange story, and Colorado flag flap update gives us the followup.
This would be uber-silly if it weren’t real. More proof that in the U.S. of A., a flag is a sacred, that is to say, holy object in the great religion of Hooray For People Like Us Who Live Here And Speak English, And Down With Everyone Who Lives Anywhere Else And All Those Traitors Who Don’t Hate Them. God forbid that our children should learn that there are Other Places in the world where people salute Other Flags. No, in the name of Public Education, let’s not corrupt the minds of the young that places like Mexico and China also contain human beings, cultures, values, and even – gasp – flags of their own.

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