How To Lose the “War On Terra”

I woke up today wiith this thought ringing in my brain:

If we say: “Because the terrorists hate our freedoms, we must deny ourselves those freedoms,” we have raised a flag of surrender.

Just a thought. The logic seems to work something like this:

Terror is, in essence, a synonym for unreasoning fear. The purpose of terrorism is to create a disproportionate amount of fear. To the extent, therefore, that we take action based on the fact of being afraid, terror has won.

Ergo: Those whose efforts are designed to persuade us that we need to be afraid of what the terrorists might do are working for the enemy.

To those who seek to maximize safety and security by minimizing freedom, and to get and keep the peace by strength of arms and threat of force, these words ring true:

When they shall say, “peace and safety,” then sudden destruction shall come upon them.

The Prince of Peace has demonstrated by his teaching and in his own person the way to peace and security, through costlly reconciliation, love of enemies, forgiveness and grace. Those who reject the path of reconciliation, refuse to forgive, withhold grace, and continue hating their enemies have rejected the only viable path to peace, and the only way to real security. They may praise his name, having the form of godliness, but they deny its power, preferring the power of death and fear.


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