Pardon the dust….

I’ve just moved my main site to a different host, and in the process my WordPress installation there got broken. As a result, quite a few links from here will also get you to the dreaded “404 not found” page until I can figure out the best (not necessarily the quickest) fix. I need to scour the documentation for a way to fix all the links that live in the sql database….. I’m sure there’s a file or two that just wants tweaking, and I almost remember where I read something about what I should have done to do this the right way, but oh well…. stay tuned, and please don’t give up on me. And if you know where to point me, dear reader, this would be a great time to break the comment silence in this space.
(in the interests of full disclosure) BTW, I’m not quite arrogant enough about my own writings to activate the “sacred texts” tag on this post….

[EDIT…] There is a God, and he appeared to me in the fom of an actually helpful helpdesk person at the new hosting site…. knew where to tinker to fix my broken installation. I still want to change the name of the directory it lives in, but that’s another day…

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