Don’t be shy.  I’m searching my inventory of goodies to find the best prize I can give to the first person to post a meaningful comment anywhere on this blog (except this post).  The comment must be dated after August 11, 2006.  I’ve got moderation turned on, so you may not see your comment right away, but not to worry, I’ll check often. There are some posts here with comments already, but all of those are due to imports from another site.

Hmmm…., what’ll it be?  I know.  You’ll be the first honoree in my Integrity Blog Comments Hall of Fame.


One thought on “Comments?

  1. Hi, it’s me again. Don’t worry, I won’t give me the prize, because this post is excluded. Just wanted everyone to see how easy it is to post a comment. Just type in the box, and click “submit comment” when you’re done. Html tags can work too, like italic if you want’em, or you could quote someone famous or something like that or somewhat else, or you could ramble aimlessly because even though you have a million better things to do with your time, you have decided to enhance my blog with your wisdom instead. See?

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