Infallible presidency?

We know that the claims for papal infallibility extend to formal occasions only, when the senior pastor of the world’s Roman Catholics speaks “ex cathedra.” Apparently our Chief executive is on more sure footing than that, at least according to this lawyer whose salary is paid by your taxes:

The President Is Always Right

One thought on “Infallible presidency?

  1. Senator Leahy had backed Mr. Bradbury into a corner, with his dogged, repeated, “Was the President right? or wrong?” To say the President was wrong would be to acknowledge a change in policy. To say he was right would be to contradict the current policy.

    Backed into that corner, Bradbury had little recourse. So rather than answer the yes or no question, he tried to brush it off with a joke: “The president is always right.”

    Of course, Bush’s statement back in early 2001 that “If this were a dictatorship it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I was the dictator” was also supposed to be a joke.

    A lot of us stopped laughing at that one quite a long time ago.

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