Homeopathic Salvation

Well, God, it’s you and me & the keyboard. Life is nothing if not complex. There are many, many parts to life, as there as many relationships. If I understand anything at all of Christ, your project is to cause all things to come into positive relationship to one another, so that there is nothing of which it cannot truly be said, in relation to all else, “if one member suffers, then all the members suffer with it; if one member rejoices, then all the members rejoice together.” Texts supporting this include those which refer to Christ’s church as “the fullness of him that filleth all in all” and also the purpose of Christ’s descent and ascension, which is “that he might fill all things.” This is of a piece with the purpose expressed in Ephesians, which says that God’s purpose is to reconcile all things to himself in Christ, of things in heaven and things in the earth.

So all the complexity of life exists in its multiplicity for the purpose of bringing it to a dynamic simplicity, the same as the human body or any ecosystem is complex and full of many seemingly unrelated things, each one of which however contributes to and is affected by the health of the whole. There are poisons, and there are antibodies. From this point of view the salvific work of Christ who “became sin for us” can be seen as a cosmic instance of homeopathic medicine. He took on the characteristics of the disease, so that the disease would lose its lethal potency. He has immunized the world against sin and death. But perhaps the inoculation, historically seen as the death and resurrection of the man Jesus, set in motion a larger, system-wide process that still must fight the effects of the disease in every cell and organ, till it is rooted out.

Truth, someone said, is a virus.

Many of us are, perhaps, passive carriers of truth. Some, however, are actively infected; we call them prophets.


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