A modern prophecy

Thus says the Lord:
Woe to the ones who are satisfied with their comfort,
and do not regard the discomfort of their brothers!
Woe to those who prepare for war in the name of peace,
who shut the door in the face of the poor
and call it security.
Woe to thoe who scheme their own safety.
They shall not be safe.
Woe to my people who would throw off the oppressor
with the tools of oppression.
They shall reap oppression as their reward.
But here is how you must fight,
And here is how you must survive:
Seek not your own survival
But the survival of the one who cannot ask for it.
Resist those who do wrong by doing right,
Openly and without fear; do not be like them.
The thief cannot steal what you freely give him.
No anger can survive in a house of kindness.

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