On Faith and Understanding

“Faith is a present awareness of the living Reality of God. It is not an intellectual assent, based on the reasonableness of an argument; it is not a willing suspension of disbelief, despite the unreasonableness of an assertion. It is possible to exercise faith in the absence of any understanding of it; but to seek in faith to understand it, to give it reasonable expression, does not destroy it. But to imagine that the understanding of faith will do for faith itself is to destroy it, for this involves reliance on the understanding, not on God. To speak of faith at all is in fact to risk being misunderstood, to risk misunderstanding oneself; to remember faith also is not faith, for faith is the encounter with the eternal, which can never be removed from the present moment. Nevertheless, to remember in faith one of faith’s experiences is to bring that event, which belongs to eternity, into the persent moment; so it is that the command to “do this in remembrance of Me” can be obeyed in faith, for in faith the remembrance becomes the present experience…”

—R. Buehler 12/4/84


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