The paradox of man

The following fragment is transcribed from yellow notebook paper and was probably written in the early 1980s…. I’d guess at around 1984.   Hence it is backdated here accordingly.

Man is an amazingly paradoxical creature.  Sin and holiness, greed and generosity, covetousness and contentedness can seemingly coexist within the individual.  A man can speak of sacrificial love while neglecting his family — of brotherhood while tolerating all kinds of prejudice — of respect and virtue while lusting after the body of a young girl….

If it were not true that Love covers a multitude of sins, then there would be no escape, not for a moment, from all kinds of sinfulness…. it is obvious that Grace, Mercy and Peace must needs be multiplied toward even the best, the wisest, the holiest of people…. or even they would destroy each other with Law, Severity, and War.

The only possible source of real joy is a living God … for it is only with such a God that all things are possible… and the gates of hell can only prevail when there are no possibilities….

(I cannot help but hope that in the heart of God there remains yet a mystery, an enterprise of Love more costly than yet has been imagined, to bring a light to the outermost darkness and sanctify the flames themselves, so that wrath and judgment will themselves be seen to be vehicles of grace and works of redemption.  Not that I imagine these things to be less terrible for all that… but if my heart can hope against all hope, then the God of hope himself must be (I hope) the source of that.  At any rate, we’ll see.)

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