Another modern prophecy

Thus says the Lord:

Why do you multiply arguments and opinions
and neglect my clear commands?
Surely I have indulged your willful blindness
and your excessive self-importance. Do not presume upon your Father
that his love extends to you only
and not to those whom you oppress by your negligence.
Are you here to no purpose
But to grow fat and comfortable
And play games with your knowledge about God?

But you have not yet known me,
or you would follow after me.
As it is, you cannot distinguish my voice,
though it be like thunder,
From the confusion that surrounds you:
because you do not want to hear it.

Let me tell you simply:
He who strives to preserve his life at another’s cost has killed himself.
But I want you to know that if you follow me,
you are already dead
with regard to those things that could have threatened your life.


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